Our Story

logoSouthern Underground began a decade ago with two likeminded individuals meeting up by accident. That fateful day, an idea brewed in the minds of these two fine adventurers. They worked on it, talked on it and discussed on ideas for the future.

Soon this idea went into the research phase and competitors were scrutinized. It was evident that competition in the field of adventure sports production was limited even on the global stage. With a background in adventure sports, passion for videography, vlogging and photography – starting a production house seemed like a no-brainer.

And thus emerged Southern Underground from the hard work and dedication of Jacob and Stephie. A year later Timothy came on-board bringing in newer ideas and more clients. The journey only became more interesting and exciting.

In the years of our existence, we have made plenty of productions, met many benefactors and even collaborated with other producers and production houses. The one thing that we learnt in all our endeavours is that the field of adventure production is all about passion and the desire to go where no one else has gone before.