Where Is the Best Place to Put a Betta Fish Tank?

Whether or not betta fish need a filter depends on several factors: size of the aquarium, presence of other fish, and regular maintenance. The answer is not clear-cut because betta splendens can thrive with or without a filter – always provided that they are given the right care.

The problems stem from bad advice from salespeople or caring people, but they themselves are uninformed. Many people believe that a ball or a small aquarium requires less maintenance. This is wrong, and it is for this reason that very small aquariums, too small even to use a filter are not recommended for beginners in aquariums. Let us have a look at the best betta fish tank.

Find our complete guide to betta splendens here to learn all about their ideal living conditions, to keep them healthy for a long time.

An aquarium of less than 10 liters can only take away from you, and in particular deprive you of the possibility of putting a filter. Before making your decision on filtration, it is important to understand the pros and cons of each solution.

Why is it often believed that combatants do not need a filter?

In its natural state, the combatant lives in rice fields and shallow water bodies. During droughts, a wild betta splendens can even end up in a cloudy puddle for a while with very little oxygen. Fighters are able to survive in these conditions thanks to their ability to absorb oxygen from the air (on the surface of the water) instead of depending solely on their gills.

Because of their tolerance level in low oxygenated water, fighters are frequently recommended for beginners, and there are many misconceptions. We often hear that fighters prefer small habitats and that they can live in a ball. These claims are false and can make the fish sick and seriously reduce their life expectancy.

The filter is not compulsory but maintenance is much more difficult without!

A badly chosen filter can do more harm than good if its flow is too powerful. A filter can easily cause too much current in small aquariums, which can mistreat fighting fish. Indeed, the fighters sold in pet stores were selected to have large fins, which is aesthetic but very impractical for swimming. Too much current can tire them and make them die of exhaustion.

However, water quality decreases rapidly in low-volume unfiltered aquariums. Uneaten food and feces cause ammonia, nitrate and nitrites to form, which build up much faster when there is no filter.

Caring for a filterless fighting fish may seem simple, but it actually takes a lot more work because the water changes have to be more regular. Unfiltered aquariums require 3 water changes of around 20% each week to stay perfectly clean. In addition, it is necessary to change most of the water at least once a month.

You should also use tests to analyze water parameters in real time. In addition to the water changes, it is necessary to regularly clean the waste that is deposited on the bottom of the aquarium. For this, use a suction bell specific to the aquarium hobby, which will simplify your task.

To remember for a fighter aquarium without filter:

  • Make three water changes per week, 20% of the total volume each time.
  • Take the opportunity to clean the floor with a suction bell
  • Use nitrite tests to make sure the water is clean
  • Change half of the water once a month

After reading the section below, you will quickly understand why filtered aquariums can be more beneficial to fighting fish and easier to maintain.

The fighter in a filtered aquarium

There are many filters you can buy if your aquarium doesn’t have an original one. The possibilities are vast: internal filter, suspended filter, external filter. Find here our complete guide to the different types of filters for aquariums. The most important feature for bettas is the filter flow, having an adjustable flow is crucial. Your betta should be able to swim freely without difficulty.

If your aquarium does not have a suitable filter, you can buy one separately. In this case, choose a filter with a lower flow than what is usually recommended , the fighters need calm water.

Benefits of filtered aquariums for fighters

  • Waste reduction – elimination of excess food, excrement, ammonia and bad bacteria.
  • Better oxygenation – filters help oxygenate water.
  • Good bacteria – beneficial microorganisms accumulate in the filter media.
  • Simplification of maintenance – reduction of maintenance and the water cycle.

Filtered aquariums are more suitable for fighters because the water parameters are more stable. A filter helps maintain beneficial bacteria while cleaning and neutralizing ammonia and nitrites. Establishing a natural ecosystem is crucial for long-term fish health and limits the risk of stress and illness.

Filtered aquariums require less maintenance, which will make your life easier. If you forget to make water changes in an unfiltered aquarium, things can deteriorate quickly. In a filtered aquarium, a water change of 25 to 30% once a week and cleaning the floor is all that is needed. Always be sure to clean your filter in aquarium water and not tap water to preserve beneficial bacteria

Is your filter too powerful?

If your fighter has trouble climbing to the surface to breathe and is swimming frantically in the current, your filter is probably too strong. It is therefore important to reduce the flow rate if the filter allows it, or to replace it with a less powerful filter.

Too strong a current can severely stress your fighting fish and lead to fin damage, injury and even death. Exhausted, a fighter can be sucked by the suction tube of the filter.

The first thing to try is to limit the flow rate of your filter if it is adjustable (try the lowest setting). You can also reduce the current bypass by increasing the number of plants and decorations near the filter, or by directing the water jet towards a wall.

Another quick fix that will also protect your betta fish is to place some filter foam in front of the suction. This will limit the suction of the filter and protect your betta. Some filters are supplied with specific foams to be placed around the suction for this purpose. If none of these methods work, consider replacing the filter with a less powerful model.

What Do Hedgehogs Eat?

What do hedgehogs eat?

People always love to have a best companion to share some quality time with them and the companion may be a friend, well wisher or close family member, but most of the time people choose their pets as their best companion. Having a pet is an awesome feeling for all people to enjoy their life with little creature with plenty of love and affection. When it comes to pet growing, people have several options in choosing their pets such as cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, squirrels and many more. In the list hedgehog also takes a major place in the people pet wish list and most of the people now show more interest to have a hedgehog pet. Many people can think weird to have a hedgehog as their pet, but they are small creature with unique appearances and perfect choice for small pet care.

However, each animal has certain characteristics based on that their care also get differed likewise the hedgehogs is an rodentia so they always need to have high nutrients to survive when compared to other pets. Because of this reason most of the people struck in confusion to have hedgehogs as their pets but apart from this reason hedgehogs remains to be a pet which always requires special care from the pet owner. If people wish to have pet care with keen care then hedgehogs remains better choice for them.

Do hedgehog pets needs diet control?


Hedgehogs are small creatures that require more care and affection from the people, however people show more interests in hedgehog pet and they also should be aware about their food dieting. Many can think that hedgehog’s food diets are similar to other pet’s food diet but in real it is not like that. The hedgehogs always need high nutrients foods moreover in common the hedgehogs can be grown as insectivores or as omnivores too it is mainly based on the food source provided by the people. As the food diet is completely different for hedgehogs people would get confused often in order to avoid that here are some of the best hedgehog food are listed below.

  • Mealworm:

Mealworm is a good source of chitin that has good source for mental stimulations. The chitin is full pack of protein source and fiber content which is commonly found in exoskeleton of insects. The only difficulty is the mealworm run in and around so hedgehog has to work hard to catch them up.

  • Waxworms:

Waxworms are fat inspect species but the chitin content is low when compared to mealworms. Thus the live waxworms remains to be a big treat for hedgehog’s to have high nutrition food.

  • Fruits:

Fruits are also rich in nutrients but when it comes to hedgehog’s only small amount of fresh fruits can be offered to them. Moreover in fresh fruits only apples, bananas, melons, berries are commonly chosen for hedgehogs. Apart from these fruits others are restricted that too especially dried fruits should be avoided in the food dieting list.

  • Vegetables:

Vegetables are another nutritious food for pets offered by people even hedgehogs also enjoys some vegetables options like fresh tomatoes and green beans. While offering these vegetable it is more important to cook them and squash them then served to the hedgehog to enjoy their treat. Even then there are some restrictions available in feeding vegetables too. The pet hedgehogs do not treat with dry vegetables and also vegetables rich in starch such as potatoes, corn, carrots and so on.

  • Cooked meat and eggs:

People can also offers protein rich foods to their hedgehog pet such as cooked chicken meat or canned dog or even cat foods which have low content of fat. Continues meat treat is also not good for hedgehogs so it is better to provide boiled hard eggs to the pet occasionally to keep up the protein level in the treat.

All above listed food items remains as a better treat for hedgehog’s pets but all these foods could not be provided by people to their pet hedgehogs. Rather people can get hedgehogs kibble or cat kibble as they are easily available and are also rich in proteins. Moreover in the kibble canned foods there are 20% of all proteins, resins and nutrition thus it is remains as best hedgehog food.

Best Water Filters for International Travels

Water filters are available for people who want to travel to another country. Technology has come a long way since the old car and light bulbs. Water can now be filtered beyond the power of the sewer filtration system. Receive water that is 100% free of bacteria, chlorine, dirt, and other chemicals that exist in nature’s water. Moreover, water outside USA is not filtered as good as the water inside USA. That’s why you feel something thick or salty in there. Some countries do not care about their faucet water. Those countries believe that having faucet water that cleans is more important than having water you can drink. Think about getting one of those water filters. May be the only thing that can give you a nice refreshing drink over seas. More ideas for why you should buy one below.


How Do Water Filters Work

Water filters work in ways you wouldn’t believe. Taste water from a filter that hits your body and brings you full health. Water filters are designed to eliminate viruses that come from the water. Outside substances dissolve like a dish washing machine with detergent. Thousands of viruses erupt from nature’s grasp. Purification from water filter are instructed to strip out the smallest of viruses.Each bacteria in the water will be stripped out. Virus from humans and animals contaminating water will be also be deleted. You won’t get anything entering your body that is going to cause you problems. No longer will you have to worry about heart problems, bathroom problems, cooking problems, and teeth problems. In addition, you won’t have to taste the nasty water that drips from hotel faucets. Get your hands on the best filter water bottle and other filter water supplies soon.

Consider Getting a Water Tablets for Drinks

Water tablets is something you should get before you head out to get another international drink. Its nice seeing another country and absorbing the culture. But, you need to aware of the local water. If the water is bad in that country, there is a chance your going to taste it in the lemonade or beer. So, look into aquatabs pills for drink water filtering. Theses little babies have the power to filter your drink just by you dropping one in a cup. That’s all you need to do. Open the bottle and drop one in a cup. Aquatabs have been used in third world countries to treat water problems. They also have been used to make water with a range of 180,000 – 360,000 liter purified. They are the best of the best when it comes to pills changing dirty water into clean water. However, you need to wait 30 minutes for the water to filter. It is a little bit of time. But, whatever filter you use takes time to filter water.

Alternatively, bring the best filter water bottle with you and add your drink to the bottle. Although they are mostly designed to filter water, some can filter other liquids and alcohol. Check the type of water filter bottle you bought to see if it is capable of doing that amount of liquid filtering. Expect the water filter you bottle to take some time for the filtering as well. It would only be probable to wait a little while for the filtering process to began in a substance that is mixed with water. So, try this alternative in the event your not comfortable with using aquatabs or some other pill filtering process.

Water Filters Last for Short Periods

Correspondingly, water filters last for a short period of time. They last for a period of about 2 to 4 months internationally. Don’t expect water filters to last you a life time. There are some companies that claim that last a life time, but that is highly untrue and you should use your head. Probably, you can get 6 months out of that water filter device for international trips. For USA water filtering, a year or two is possible. In foreign countries, the water is very different and built different. This means the soil is different and the machines that filter them are different. Basically, many variables occur that can prevent your water filter device from lasting a year internationally.

Portraits Collection Part 3

Below is the 3rd and final Portrait for now as I am becoming overwhelmed by work on a range of projects! The one was shot after an early morning sunrise shoot on a trip in Nepal in 2008.  I was there shooting a film on the Nepali Womens Kayak Expedition and on one of our days off I headed up a hill near Pokhara looking out towards Machhapuchhre.  This old man was just sitting chilling watching the morning go by.  Enjoy, Josh

nepal man

-Old man – Photo © Josh Neilson

Portraits collection

Over the past few years I have been photographing my adventures and the people I meet along the way.  People’s faces and expressions have always interested me so I have started pulling some old shots out from various missions to share with you all. Here is one I shot in Nicaragua in 2007 while on a surfing trip down there.  The man is a walking guide up Mt Maderas (1394m).

Volcano man
Photo © Josh Neilson

Portraits Collection Part 2

During a trip to Thailand in 2010 I was behind my video camera a lot and shot some footage of this lady tending to her livestock. While I was filming Toni George shot a photo of her and I have edited it here.  I wish I had pulled out my SLR and got some shots too but I think Toni has done a good job here.  I cropped it down a lot to get the final product.

Thai Lady
Photo © Toni George

Extreme sports Veko filming with Jokke Sommer

base site
Gudvangen BASE site – Amazing day!

jokke jump
– The view from the top! Jokke in front right after take off

So things have been so busy in the last week I haven’t had time to post anything! Firstly Extreme sports week started here in Voss and it was raining pretty hard for the start of the week meaning a lot of the comps were postponed or canceled! Luckily we were able to shoot some sweet kayak footage and get some edits done! My job for the week not only to film my own film was also to film and edit the ‘Todays videos’ for kayaking in the festival tent. I was stoked to work with Julian, Hugh and Finn to make some funny films and was stoked that I was awarded Best film of the Todays Video!

With the bad weather I was forced to shoot the interview with Jokke Sommer indoors but the content was great and it shouldn’t be too bad in the final film. With a bit of good weather on the way we headed out to Gudvangen to film some BASE shots. Day one was not a big cliff and Jokke just busted out a double back flip into a straight base without his wingsuit. Then it was back to work with kayaking the next day for the race where we busted out a quick edit on the race mixed with a bit of dancing!

– My ride for the day

Luckily the BASE day was postponed to saturday and I was able to fly up to Gudvangen exit point and film there! I was up on the lip of the cliff all day and watched all the jumpers have sweet jumps! Jokke busted out 2 sick lines one left and the last to the right buzzing the cliff and trees on the way down with his buddy Tom. From here we flew back to Voss in time to gear up for Prize giving where Sam and Toni won their head to head races and I got a sweet new Gopro for best film.

– Teams race prize giving

Next up was Fat Freddies Drop in concert and the rest is history! What an epic week of filming and hanging out with awesome people! So inspired by all the sick athletes out there doing what they love! Stay tuned for more updates as the film is coming together fast now! Stoked on all the support from people who have made this film happen so far! Big things on the horizon!

base 2
– Team Gopro on take-off – Such nice guys!!

– Jokke checking his wingsuit

green base
– Base day 1 – Most chill people I’ve met!

jam sam
-Brothers Sutton at the teams race

Amazing with Mike

After a short stop in Vail for Teva Mountain Games to watch the Kiwi’s dominate the kayak races again I headed back to California for a week to sort out computer troubles and get ready for Norway. With a day to spare my computer was returned with a new hard drive and none of my programs but luckily I had all my footage backed up! On Wednesday the 15th June I boarded a plane to Bergen, Norway and after 3 flights and a short train ride up the valley to Voss I was sitting with a beautiful view over the lake in Voss at Mike and Margis Abbott’s house. A late night was spent catching up on old times then at 1am with full light outside it was time to catch some rest after the long journey!

mike dd
Mike on the first drop of ‘Double Drop’ on the Urdlandselva

– The boys scouting ‘Double Drop’

mike urd
-Mike on the first narrow entry to waterfall

On Saturday we went out to film some kayaking and the first river was too low but ended up filming on the Urdlandselva and got some great shots. Today was spent over the other side of the lake shooting the interview with Mike for his segment in the film. Inspiring answers and I’m looking forward to matching it all to sweet footage within the film!

mike interview
-Mike talking about kayaking – Its good!

One of the cool quotes from the day was “These feelings can last for the rest of the day, and on into the night. But I love the thousand yard stare expression. After a big day on the river with a lot of nervousness, highs, focus and elation there is little left but to sip your beer and grin stupidly”.
We will be filming more kayaking this week and then its time to focus on the BASE segment from next weekend onwards! Check back soon for more updates!

mike last
– Below the normal takeout

mike julian
-Julian and Mike scouting

Alison Lake stand small

Alison Lake stand small
– Filming with Alison Gannett in Colorado

I have just finished spending a few days near Paonia, CO with Alison Gannett for the ski section of ‘Transcendence’. It was a super cool time and interesting working with her.
More coming soon!

Brisbane – Transcendence Interview week 1

ball in town
– Brisbane city central with some cool big ball sculptures

Week one has gone good so far and Im excited to see the film taking some shape. I arrived on Sunday and Kurt who I went to high school with picked me up and we went back to his place. With Monday here in Australia being a public holiday I had some extra research time so I chilled out at the house so I was ready to go the next day! I met up with Dr Eric Brymer on Tuesday to talk over the thesis and the film so we were on the same page for shooting on Wednesday. It was great to hear his thoughts and and was able to get a better understanding of his work! Thankfully Kurt had a spare car and a navigation system so making my way into the city each day was not too much stress! We then spent Wednesday shooting the interviews which will act as the structure and educational backing for the film as well as a bit extra just incase.

I spent the evening logging the footage and backing it up on multiple hard drives so I don’t loose any.
We had Thursday set aside incase we needed to reshoot anything but it all seemed to be in order so that was cool. No doubt as the film comes along i will come up with more questions and things so lucky Brisbane is pretty close to NZ and I can return later if needed!
Today I jumped on the train and headed into the city center to check out the sites! The Art gallery and Museum were amazing and the city center was the busiest street I’ve ever seen! I had to laugh a bit as my reason for being here is to shoot a film exploring alternative theories on extreme sports athletes contradicting the “Crazy” perceptions out there.. As I sat in the main street watching all the suits weaving their way through the other suits to get some food and exercise in during their 30 min lunch break it reassured to me that my lifestyle choice is far from “crazy” and especially compared to these people!
Tomorrow I jump on a plane for a short stopover in Auckland before I head on to the Bahamas where ill meet up with William Trubridge for the next part of this adventure! Keep looking back here for more updates!
Ball room
– Inside a exhibit at the Brisbane Art Gallery – room with mirrors and glowing balls
waterfall pic
– Even in a place with no water I found a waterfall! Cool painting!
light show
 Advertising sculpture for lighting exhibition at the Brisbane Library

– Brisbane Casino – tried my luck but didn’t manage to up the funding for the film! oh well..