Amazing with Mike

After a short stop in Vail for Teva Mountain Games to watch the Kiwi’s dominate the kayak races again I headed back to California for a week to sort out computer troubles and get ready for Norway. With a day to spare my computer was returned with a new hard drive and none of my programs but luckily I had all my footage backed up! On Wednesday the 15th June I boarded a plane to Bergen, Norway and after 3 flights and a short train ride up the valley to Voss I was sitting with a beautiful view over the lake in Voss at Mike and Margis Abbott’s house. A late night was spent catching up on old times then at 1am with full light outside it was time to catch some rest after the long journey!

mike dd
Mike on the first drop of ‘Double Drop’ on the Urdlandselva
– The boys scouting ‘Double Drop’
mike urd
-Mike on the first narrow entry to waterfall

On Saturday we went out to film some kayaking and the first river was too low but ended up filming on the Urdlandselva and got some great shots. Today was spent over the other side of the lake shooting the interview with Mike for his segment in the film. Inspiring answers and I’m looking forward to matching it all to sweet footage within the film!

mike interview
-Mike talking about kayaking – Its good!
One of the cool quotes from the day was “These feelings can last for the rest of the day, and on into the night. But I love the thousand yard stare expression. After a big day on the river with a lot of nervousness, highs, focus and elation there is little left but to sip your beer and grin stupidly”.
We will be filming more kayaking this week and then its time to focus on the BASE segment from next weekend onwards! Check back soon for more updates!
mike last
– Below the normal takeout
mike julian
-Julian and Mike scouting

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