Brisbane – Transcendence Interview week 1

ball in town
– Brisbane city central with some cool big ball sculptures

Week one has gone good so far and Im excited to see the film taking some shape. I arrived on Sunday and Kurt who I went to high school with picked me up and we went back to his place. With Monday here in Australia being a public holiday I had some extra research time so I chilled out at the house so I was ready to go the next day! I met up with Dr Eric Brymer on Tuesday to talk over the thesis and the film so we were on the same page for shooting on Wednesday. It was great to hear his thoughts and and was able to get a better understanding of his work! Thankfully Kurt had a spare car and a navigation system so making my way into the city each day was not too much stress! We then spent Wednesday shooting the interviews which will act as the structure and educational backing for the film as well as a bit extra just incase.

I spent the evening logging the footage and backing it up on multiple hard drives so I don’t loose any.
We had Thursday set aside incase we needed to reshoot anything but it all seemed to be in order so that was cool. No doubt as the film comes along i will come up with more questions and things so lucky Brisbane is pretty close to NZ and I can return later if needed!
Today I jumped on the train and headed into the city center to check out the sites! The Art gallery and Museum were amazing and the city center was the busiest street I’ve ever seen! I had to laugh a bit as my reason for being here is to shoot a film exploring alternative theories on extreme sports athletes contradicting the “Crazy” perceptions out there.. As I sat in the main street watching all the suits weaving their way through the other suits to get some food and exercise in during their 30 min lunch break it reassured to me that my lifestyle choice is far from “crazy” and especially compared to these people!
Tomorrow I jump on a plane for a short stopover in Auckland before I head on to the Bahamas where ill meet up with William Trubridge for the next part of this adventure! Keep looking back here for more updates!
Ball room
– Inside a exhibit at the Brisbane Art Gallery – room with mirrors and glowing balls
waterfall pic
– Even in a place with no water I found a waterfall! Cool painting!
light show
 Advertising sculpture for lighting exhibition at the Brisbane Library

– Brisbane Casino – tried my luck but didn’t manage to up the funding for the film! oh well..

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