Week 2 – Bahamas!!!

coming up rope
-Looking up from the depths below

Week one came and went and it was time to get back on the plane for the next destination!!! With a short stop over in NZ I was off to the Bahamas. Five flights later I stepped off the plane onto Long Island. 130km long and about 6km at its widest and home to the deepest blue hole in the world. This is also home to NZ born William Trubridge, a world record holding free diver.

My plan for this part of the trip was to come out here and interview Will and shoot him in his element. Day one started at 10am as we headed down to the Deans Blue Hole for a daily training session and I was keen to check out how I was going to get the shots I needed for the film. I did a bit of diving round the surface and to get an idea of what was going to work.
will platform dive coming up, ken talk
– Will catching some air after a dive
On the Island right now is a guy called Ken and another guys called Brian. These guys are super nice and cool to hang out with! We went out after the dive to celebrate Brians dive for the day getting a new personal best depth! This was my introduction into Bahamian cuisine – Conk salad and a Conk burger! AMAZING! (Conk is a large shellfish – The shells I saw were bout 20-30cm long!)
In the evening we went down the road to where Will likes to do his yoga and breathing exercises! White lime sand cliffs right on the sea as the sun went down… Priceless!
Head stand
– Sunset yoga on the coast
Day 2 was time for some dive footage. After filming a bunch with the Gopro underwater on day 1 I noticed the round lens that Gopro have on their cases do not film underwater very well at all??? Seemed strange for a waterproof camera but luckily Will had a case with a flat lens he had from somewhere else and that worked a charm and we got some sweet shots!
The guys dived up and down and I ran around the cliffs and in the water getting everything I could and came away with some great stuff!
dive under shelf 3
-Free dive under the shelf in Deans Blue Hole
Im making the most of the days here and since I had been up to film the sun rise I thought I’d head up the hill and film the sun setting too! Epic days here in the Bahamas!!! These are a few still frames from the footage shot over the past couple of days! Enjoy and keep checking back for more updates!
– Brian, Ken and Will adjusting the bottom plate depth
– The guys swimming out to the platform

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