What Do Hedgehogs Eat?

What do hedgehogs eat?

People always love to have a best companion to share some quality time with them and the companion may be a friend, well wisher or close family member, but most of the time people choose their pets as their best companion. Having a pet is an awesome feeling for all people to enjoy their life with little creature with plenty of love and affection. When it comes to pet growing, people have several options in choosing their pets such as cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, squirrels and many more. In the list hedgehog also takes a major place in the people pet wish list and most of the people now show more interest to have a hedgehog pet. Many people can think weird to have a hedgehog as their pet, but they are small creature with unique appearances and perfect choice for small pet care.

However, each animal has certain characteristics based on that their care also get differed likewise the hedgehogs is an rodentia so they always need to have high nutrients to survive when compared to other pets. Because of this reason most of the people struck in confusion to have hedgehogs as their pets but apart from this reason hedgehogs remains to be a pet which always requires special care from the pet owner. If people wish to have pet care with keen care then hedgehogs remains better choice for them.

Do hedgehog pets needs diet control?


Hedgehogs are small creatures that require more care and affection from the people, however people show more interests in hedgehog pet and they also should be aware about their food dieting. Many can think that hedgehog’s food diets are similar to other pet’s food diet but in real it is not like that. The hedgehogs always need high nutrients foods moreover in common the hedgehogs can be grown as insectivores or as omnivores too it is mainly based on the food source provided by the people. As the food diet is completely different for hedgehogs people would get confused often in order to avoid that here are some of the best hedgehog food are listed below.

  • Mealworm:

Mealworm is a good source of chitin that has good source for mental stimulations. The chitin is full pack of protein source and fiber content which is commonly found in exoskeleton of insects. The only difficulty is the mealworm run in and around so hedgehog has to work hard to catch them up.

  • Waxworms:

Waxworms are fat inspect species but the chitin content is low when compared to mealworms. Thus the live waxworms remains to be a big treat for hedgehog’s to have high nutrition food.

  • Fruits:

Fruits are also rich in nutrients but when it comes to hedgehog’s only small amount of fresh fruits can be offered to them. Moreover in fresh fruits only apples, bananas, melons, berries are commonly chosen for hedgehogs. Apart from these fruits others are restricted that too especially dried fruits should be avoided in the food dieting list.

  • Vegetables:

Vegetables are another nutritious food for pets offered by people even hedgehogs also enjoys some vegetables options like fresh tomatoes and green beans. While offering these vegetable it is more important to cook them and squash them then served to the hedgehog to enjoy their treat. Even then there are some restrictions available in feeding vegetables too. The pet hedgehogs do not treat with dry vegetables and also vegetables rich in starch such as potatoes, corn, carrots and so on.

  • Cooked meat and eggs:

People can also offers protein rich foods to their hedgehog pet such as cooked chicken meat or canned dog or even cat foods which have low content of fat. Continues meat treat is also not good for hedgehogs so it is better to provide boiled hard eggs to the pet occasionally to keep up the protein level in the treat.

All above listed food items remains as a better treat for hedgehog’s pets but all these foods could not be provided by people to their pet hedgehogs. Rather people can get hedgehogs kibble or cat kibble as they are easily available and are also rich in proteins. Moreover in the kibble canned foods there are 20% of all proteins, resins and nutrition thus it is remains as best hedgehog food.